Saint Lucas Lutheran

Church, School, Pre-K and Child Care in Bay View, WI

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Saint Lucas Online Community Tutorial

How to use the Saint Lucas Online Community

Account Creation: To use the community and have access to certain menus you need to register an account.  You will find the login section to the left.  Please use your true first/last name otherwise no one will know who you are when you post.  Your login username is more flexible, but we recommend you use firstNamelastName format.  You will need a passphrase to create an account which you can obtain by asking--see the Contact Us link above.

Manage Profile (optional): When you have logged in, you will see the menu item Online Community->Profile.  When adding a picture, please use a clear head-shot (you know--those pictures they take in grade school) and avoid pictures with facial shadows.

Enter the Community: When you have logged in, you will see the menu item Online Community->Groups.  This will take you to the main community page where you can manage groups and perform many other activies listed below.

Join a Group: On the community page, select 'Groups', then select the group you are interested in.  From there you can read more and decide to join the group.  Some groups you can automatically join while others require approval.

Selecting a Group: On the community page, there is a drop down list on the far right with a yellow icon next to it.  You can select the active group from there.  Always verify you have the proper group selected before using other features.

Write a Message: Select your group and click on the messages icon.  This will list all message topics.  Select a topic to reply to it.  You can subscribe to a message topic to receive an email when someone replies, but if someone creates a new message topic you will need to subscribe to that one separately.

Files: Select your group and click on the files icon.  You can view/upload files and create folders.  Images will have a preview button by them.

Photos General: Photos are a fun way to share life with your community so we like for everyone to take part. All photos are public once you upload them. All photos uploaded require administrator approval before they are published.

View Photos: Simply select the menu item OnlineCommunity->Photos-View and then click on a gallery you are interested in.

Photos- Upload General: There are public galleries that all registered users may upload to, and personal galleries (up to 5) that you alone upload to. (Everyone may see your photots, but nobody else can upload photos to your gallery without your approval)  Watch Your File Size! 100k is the goal 1MB is too big. Many programs are available to reduce file size from the original. Public Galleries have the word PUBLIC stamped at the top when you open the gallery.

Photos- Upload- Public Gallery: Go to OnlineCommunity->Photos-View and then anytime a gallery is public it will have the word PUBLIC stamped at the top when you open the gallery. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will have two options available for uploading files. Remeber to WATCH YOUR FILE SIZE.

Photos- Upload- Personal Gallery: Remeber, personal galleries can be seen by all users, but you alone can upload to them. Go to OnlineCommunity->Photos-Upload. Follow the Directions, you will need to create a category before you can begin uploading pictures. The category name is the name of the gallery visible in the photo viewing section of the computer. Don't worry about error messages if you see any. The software has a couple glitches but works fine.




St. Lucas Lutheran Church and School

(414) 483-9122

St. Lucas Contact Info



We invite all of our St. Lucas members, parents and students to register for advanced access. This will require a "Passphrase" which is made available by contacting the church office.

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2 Year Reading Plan for the Bible (NIV)

Please join us in our goal to read the entire Bible over a 2 year span of time.

2 Year Reading Plan of the Bible (NIV 1984)

The Today's Light Bible helps individuals and groups read and study the entire NIV Bible in just two years, breaking the readings down into manageable daily portions that can be completed in just 15 minutes or less. Brief devotions based on the text help readers understand and apply that day's Scripture selection to their lives.

Get your copy from the Church or Church Office and/or click on to read or hear the current chapters.