Saint Lucas Lutheran

Church, School, Pre-K and Child Care in Bay View, WI

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More about Serve

As Christians living powerfully in Jesus, we Serve

By caring for the worldly(physical) needs of others

  • Spending our resources to alleviate the needs of others

  • Planning & participating in food pantry/dinner/clothing drives

By caring for the spiritual & emotional needs of others

  • Praying for others when the need/opportunity presents itself

  • Listening when we should, speaking when we are called to

By participating in our community

  • Actively responding to explicit requests for help

  • Lending a hand when we see/hear that a hand is needed


St. Lucas Lutheran Church and School

(414) 483-9122


We invite all of our St. Lucas members, parents and students to register for advanced access. This will require a "Passphrase" which is made available by contacting the church office.

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2 Year Reading Plan for the Bible (NIV)

Please join us in our goal to read the entire Bible over a 2 year span of time.

2 Year Reading Plan of the Bible (NIV 1984)

The Today's Light Bible helps individuals and groups read and study the entire NIV Bible in just two years, breaking the readings down into manageable daily portions that can be completed in just 15 minutes or less. Brief devotions based on the text help readers understand and apply that day's Scripture selection to their lives.

Get your copy from the Church or Church Office and/or click on to read or hear the current chapters.